What Teachers Say

OGAP has worked with thousands of teachers in schools and districts in Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Vermont.

“Prior to this training I was a first year teacher with an overwhelming sense of dread. Not only did this [training] leave me excited and ready to teacher fractions, but I also feel confident that I can use these tools everywhere to help myself.” – 5th grade teacher

“This is the most powerful and effective professional development I have ever experienced.” – 3rd grade teacher

“This was a powerful professional development experience. I can’t remember the last time I learned so much in so short a time. I’ve heard from a number of teachers who are really excited about what they learned and how it will impact their instruction.” – District administrator

“In reading lessons, we would always do a pre-assessment to figure out where the student is. OGAP does that for mathematics and has actually brought the school forward in something that should have been happening already – now we have the tools to make it happen.” – School principal

“Many times when I thought the students understood the concepts, I would give them a formative assessment and find that they needed more work. I would then teach the lesson another way.” – 5th grade teacher

“The concepts and ideas about fractions really make sense now. Analyzing my students’ work has enabled me to focus on where their specific needs are and the training has given me a stronger understanding and tools to use.” – 5th grade teacher

“Reenergizing!” – 4th grade teacher

“I know as I’m teaching every day what the students are understanding and what they’re not understanding.” – 4th grade teacher

“The strength of the OGAP system is that continual assessment – not waiting until the end of a unit, but continually assessing students through this intentional and organized system. I love that at the end of every lesson, I’ve got a question to give my students so I’m constantly assessing their understanding.” – 5th grade teacher

“Why hasn’t this research been put in this format before? Now I get it.” – 3rd grade teacher

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