Upcoming Events

January 19, 2017

Leadership meetings for principals and teacher leaders from schools receiving OGAP support this year. Principals will review their artifacts from PLC visits and interviews with teachers about OGAP. We will continue to explore how to foster a school environment that is supportive to OGAP and the continuous learning mindset.

January 24-25, 2017

Regional teacher workshops for our schools receiving OGAP support this year with a focus on aligning OGAP to the curriculum and choosing OGAP items to use in upcoming units

Past events:
November 17, 2016

An introductory kick-off meeting for our Philadelphia schools that are receiving Ongoing OGAP Support this school year. Principals, math liaisons and grade 3-5 teachers will receive an overview of the program for the year and discuss strategies for deepening implementation of OGAP at the classroom and school level. In breakout groups, school leaders will be given tools for supporting teachers in their use of OGAP. Teachers will work on integrating OGAP into their current math curriculum and using it as a tool to analyze students work and make instructional decisions.

December 8-16, 2016

Schools who are receiving OGAP support this year will have a half-day visit from an OGAP trainer. They will facilitate a Professional Learning Community (PLC) for grades 3-5. During the PLC, teachers will examine student work, review strategies to enhance concept development, select items from the item bank and work on embedding formative assessment items into their curricular materials.


If you are a Philadelphia educator who is interested in OGAP support for your school:

Please contact us at OGAPMath@upenn.edu