Frequently Asked Questions: OGAP Survey

Why are you conducting this survey?

Educational initiatives are complicated and expensive to plan and implement. But to really know how they are doing, it is important to gather information from the people who know best – teachers like you. There is no substitute for independent, empirical information when it comes to evaluating projects like this one. That’s why your answers are so important to us.

I think I already completed this survey.

We understand that teachers are solicited for numerous surveys. At the time of printing this letter, our records indicate that you have not completed this survey. However, to be sure, just login at the web address with your unique code located on the front of this letter. If you’ve completed this survey, the login screen will confirm it (and we apologize for contacting you again).

Why was I chosen to participate in this study?

Your school voluntarily chose to participate in the project, and all mathematics teachers in grades 3-5 in the participating schools are asked to complete the survey.

Will my data be shared with anyone in my school, district, or elsewhere?

No. The survey results are completely confidential. No individual or school will ever be identified in the results, which will only be provided in aggregated and anonymous form. All data are held on secure, password-protected servers at the University of Pennsylvania.

Why do you say the survey is “interesting and even enjoyable”?

A large section of the survey includes samples of student work that we ask you to evaluate and comment on. Because these samples are just like the ones you see in your classroom, we believe you will find them engaging and more interesting than surveys you typically encounter.

When will I receive the $40 gift certificate?

The gift certificate will be emailed to you directly from Amazon, within a week of completing your survey. If you do not received it within a week of survey completion, email ( or call (855) 899-4200 and we will follow up until you are satisfied.

It’s hard to find the time to finish surveys. How can I do this one?

You can log into this survey as many times as you like to complete it. In fact, about half of our respondents login more than once to complete the survey. Just two or three 10-15-minute sessions are sufficient and convenient.

Can I see the results of the survey?

This is a large study initiative with several components. While we cannot supply individual survey results separately, there will be a number of reports made available to the public in the coming months. We welcome you to check our website,, periodically for these articles, or contact Tesla Dubois at for further details.